Sunset triplet painting

I just finished a huge painting that I made for my friends living room.

They have been so kind to let us stay here again this year after we had been visiting and extending our stay last year. Its been a blessing on both sides. Their small children brighten our days and they are happy to have us around. They are from India, where living with extended family comes natural. We have been with the “family” in India also and know them for a long time now.
They ask if I could paint a large painting to decorate the space above their sofa (grin!). Sure! What would you like? A sunset. I have nothing against sunsets but they live in this beautiful house with huge windows overlooking the San Fransisco bay and the Golden Gate bridge, where they can watch the sun set every night, picturesque and different every day. Why have another sunset on the other side of the room behind their sofa? Oh well, I love them and if they want a sunset they get a sunset. I was thinking perhaps they would like the sun set over the mountains from their native home in Kashmir. Nope, they wanted exactly the view that is already in front of them.

dotted sunsetAt least, I decided to make it not only beautiful but also fun. So I enlisted their son to help me. A painting hanging on the other wall inspired me. It was rather abstract with lots of wild dots and strokes, so we started with that. Dotting the landscape in the fore front with a thousand brush strokes with with the help of their son (4.5 years old) turned out to be so much fun. He also helped paint the mountains and the sides of the panels. I used three panels, so it look as if viewing through a window, and makes the size a bit more manageable.

And here is the result….


painted on canvas with acrylic and oil stick H 40 x W 30 (x3)= 90inch








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