Pearls of Wisdom (wish-fulfilling tree)

I believe that there is wisdom in trees.

“When we have learned how to listen to trees, then the brevity and the quickness and the childlike hastiness of our thoughts achieve an incomparable joy.” wrote Hermann Hesse in his lyrical love letter to our arboreal companions.

Kalpavriksha, the tree of life, also meaning “World Tree” finds mention in the Vedic scriptures. In the earliest account of the Samudra manthan or “churning of the ocean of milk” Kalpavriksha emerged from the primal waters during the ocean churning process along with Kamadhenu, the divine cow that bestows all needs. The tree is also said to be the Milky way or the birthplace of the stars Sirius. The king of the gods, Indra returned with this Kalpavriksha to his abode, the paradise and planted it there.

Another myth says that Kalpavriksha was located on earth and was transported to Indra’s abode after people started misusing it by wishing evil and wrong things.

When we wish for things to come (in the future) there is no better example than the tree. It is already existing in the seed and needs ages to grow to a huge size. All its wisdom is in patience and time and the wind blowing its leaves and the singing of birds in its branches 🙂

Are you listening to trees?


Pearls Of Wisdom painting by ClaudiaDose

acrylic, collage, gold marker, on wood panel, ready to hang,
6x16x1.5in, (40.64×40.64×3.5cm),

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