Teaching Healing Doodling Mandalas

Just came back from teaching my first doodling mandala class at a workshop in LA. Two very dear friends, that I call family, Shanna and Denise Hughes, have asked me if I wanted to teach a healing art class at a Yoga Day in Culver City. After setting our intentions Shanna taught a gentle yoga class followed by yoga nidra, and Denise took us for a walking meditation under the trees in the nearby park.

After a sumptuous Indian vegetarian lunch I introduced myself with a therapeutic doodling mandala class. Its been my first time teaching so many people and of course I was nervous but well prepared, and all went well. It was like breaking a spell, believing I couldn’t possibly be good at teaching. It was wonderful to hear their feedback, wonderful stories, how they felt about doodling and what they learned about themselves in the process. Some, i heard, were still finishing their doodles at home, late in the night, totally addicted to doodling. I feel very  blessed to have had the opportunity to inspire others and share my new love doodling.

I got inspired to offer another class soon, or have a meetup here in Berkeley around the theme. Contact me if you are interested.

Teaching Healing Doodling Mandalas | Claudia DoseIMG_1796.jpgIMG_1795.jpgIMG_1797.jpgIMG_1798.jpgIMG_1808.jpg

doodle mandala class with Claudia DoseIMG_1809.jpgIMG_1813.jpgIMG_1815.jpg19250492_10154543584307623_1915837249217962730_o.jpg

Apart from yoga, yoga nidra, walking meditation and mandala doodling we were also introduced to Fawntice Finesse‘s wonderful sound healing with Tibetan bows and gongs. Absolutely magical! Check out her website or contact her on Facebook.


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