Summer travels

What a summer it was! Exiting and adventurous travel in North India. Visiting friends and family in Europe to hang out and relax. Actually it was so nice to be in Europe in summer, I haven’t been there in the summer for so many years, so it was a real treat. Everything flowering and green. I was able to recognize a lot of herbs and wild flowers and was able to pick fruits off the trees in my fathers garden and in the wild. Visiting Vienna for the first time, swimming in the river Donau, and visiting the museums quarter was awesome. I enjoyed the train rides, my favorite mood of transportation.

We arrived in Kashmir, North India, right at the start of a huge uprising and violent street fights. Due to curfews during the day we were only able to travel in the middle of the night. But even though the shops were all closed there is always ample supply of food, the vegetable walla comes on his round as usual and no man can stop him. The phones were off and the internet down so nothing much to do but eat, meditate, pray, study, read and relax. Back in Delhi during the monsoon, I enjoyed the green and freshness, a vast change to the usually dusty and dry polluted city.

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