A Sacred Sanctum for the Wounded Feminine Voice

My dear Friend Natascha was asking me if I would like to create a few paintings for her website, which I was very happy to do as the subject really intrigued me.

Natascha is a voice healer. One of the classes she is going to offer is called “A Sacred Sanctum for the Wounded Feminine Voice – Healing Our Sexual Voice“. I feel so honored that she allowed me to add my creative input to her presenting website. I will keep you updated when her website goes life.

I woke up at 5am one morning, totally buzzing with ideas, and did a few sketches or more accurate doodles….

yoni+voice-sketch@Claudia_Dose.jpg yoni+voice-sketch1@Claudia_Dose

Then I scanned them in and continued working in Photoshop because that was the fastest I could think of, as she wanted them asap for her website, where it would be just fine to have only digital pictures…

Now I got so inspired to continue painting some more on canvas or panel, and then there is the styrofoam panels I just finished preparing just ready to go…

To be continued.


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