rising, falling…

Depression is a funny thing. Once you hit “rock bottom” and your negative thoughts have run its havoc and exhausted your mind, if you can look just stay with the awareness and look around it is actually quite peaceful, nowhere else to go. You are kind of floating along in no-man’s-land.

I wonder if it is similar to the stage you reach when meditating at some point, my spiritual Teacher is talking about when you  “ . . . enter into the new world where hideous forms will pass, they are passing endure. Do not be taken by the dross. Then the pulls and pushes about the throttle all those you must tolerate . . .”

I guess in this way all our experiences in life just prepare us for tolerating what is to come, so that we may be able to get over the waters to the other side or jump right into the ocean of bliss. Kind of funny that it comes with so much pain though.
Original Painting: “Falling… Rising” 16 x 20 inch ( 40,6 x 51 cm),  17.25 x 21.25 inch (43,8 x 54 cm) with frame
acrylic on canvas, framed (ready to hang) See price list for availability and price, contact me for more details.



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