“Fragments”, small paintings

mixed media on paper on canvas panel, each 6 x 6 inch and 1.5 inches deep,
altogether 9 of them are 18 x 18 inches wide and high.


I was contemplating the phenomena that we experience living in this world of feeling separated, fragments of the whole. Whereas we can clearly see how we are all connected on so many levels. Its visible on a physical level in re-recurring patterns of the universe in our bodies, brains and cell structures. We can feel it when someone dear and near or sometimes even far away gets hurt, we feel their pain.

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh says it so well:

“You carry Mother Earth within you, She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment.

“Fear, separation, hate and anger come from the wrong view that you and the earth are two separate entities, the Earth is only the environment. You are in the center and you want to do something for the Earth in order for you to survive. That is a dualistic way of seeing.

“So to breathe in and be aware of your body and look deeply into it and realize you are the Earth and your consciousness is also the consciousness of the earth. Not to cut the tree not to pollute the water, that is not enough.”

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