Lately have been working on some Illustrations for a spiritual children book that a friend has compiled. They are stories from the life of our spiritual teacher from Kashmir and his message to children…

I started with sketches…

dancing-sketch.jpgplaying_sketch.jpgsketch for "in School"

then scanned them and took them into Photoshop, and added color and texture…

dancing with joy

His parents priest and saint Swami Ram from Kashmir (who couldn’t use his legs due to many years of meditation) dancing with joy at the birth of Swami Lakshmanjoo.

playing Puja

As a child his favorite game was making Lingams out of sand and clay and singing “puja”

in school

At school he is getting into trouble singing hymns with the other pupils instead of learning.
Teacher punishes him and gets sick for the same amount of days as he gave him beatings.

And then my laptop broke 🙁
and I went back illustrating by hand
and drawing some more….

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