A Sacred Sanctum for the Wounded Feminine Voice

My dear Friend Natascha was asking me if I would like to create a few paintings for her website, which I was very happy to do as the subject really intrigued me. Natascha is a voice healer. One of the classes she is going to offer is called “A Sacred Sanctum for the Wounded Feminine Voice […]

Claudia Dose with painting that won honorable mention

Thank you for coming to the art show (photos)

Thank you all who came  last Saturday at the Culver City Art Club annual Holiday Show in Playa Vista CA. I hope you enjoyed inspiring art works by wonderful local artists, awards (our judge for this year was Ernie Marjoram), door prices for guests only, food and drink and fun. I really enjoyed meeting with friends […]

Culver City Art Show 2016

Come see my paintings and “art boxes” next Saturday, Nov. 12th.

You are invited to the CULVER CITY ART GROUP HOLIDAY – ART EXHIBIT 2016 Saturday November 12th, Noon – 6 pm Apart from viewing my art and that of many other talented and professional artist this is the perfect way to enjoy your Saturday afternoon, surrounded by beautiful artwork, meet new exciting people, enjoy refreshments, […]


Summer travels

What a summer it was! Exiting and adventurous travel in North India. Visiting friends and family in Europe to hang out and relax. Actually it was so nice to be in Europe in summer, I haven’t been there in the summer for so many years, so it was a real treat. Everything flowering and green. […]

“Cycle of life” earth mother/girl/embryo

This painting is about the cycle of life, earth, mother, feminine energy, shakti and how we are nourished and nurtured by her. She is made up of 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether). Although she sometimes gets depicted as an icon or a statue, in the prime of life she is actually existing in […]

“Cycle of life” earth mother/girl/embryo process

My latest painting is about the cycle of life, earth, mother, feminine energy, shakti. I am still unsure about the final title. As it appeared on the canvas it felt like quite a long birthing process with lots of possibilities. I love this about painting in an intuitive way. Its like something inside is trying […]

Looking back to move foward

I was reading that in order to move forward we need to first look back at what we have already done, then learn from that and plan ahead. Now, I have to admit for some reason I have never really paid much attention once I have done something or looked back at my paintings unless […]

“Fragments”, small paintings

“Fragments” mixed media on paper on canvas panel, each 6 x 6 inch and 1.5 inches deep, altogether 9 of them are 18 x 18 inches wide and high. I was contemplating the phenomena that we experience living in this world of feeling separated, fragments of the whole. Whereas we can clearly see how we […]

Thank you! (and photos of the art show)

I had a great time today at the art show and really enjoyed seeing my friends and their new art works. Thank you for coming and making it a wonderful event. The commissioned portrait below won a ribbon with “Honorable Mention”.  

Showing my art next Saturday

I look forward to meeting you… at the Culver City Art Group Holiday Art Exhibit 2015 Sat. November 7th noon – 6 pm Artist’s Reception: 3:30pm – 4:59pm (meet the artist and enjoy refreshments) Awards: 5 pm Playa Vista CenterPointe Club, 6200 Playa Vista Drive, Playa Vista CA 90094 (get directions) Come stop by to […]

portrait painting of Swami Lakshmanjoo

Commissioned portrait painting

Finished a commissioned portrait painting of Swami Lakshmanjoo. (Lakshmanjoo, known as Swami Lakshmanjoo Raina (9 May 1907 – 27 September 1991) was a mystic and scholar of Kashmir Shaivism or Trika. He was known as Lal Sahib (friend of God) by followers, who considered him a fully realized saint. source: Wikipedia) If you would like to paint […]

Sunset triplet painting

I just finished a huge painting that I made for my friends living room. They have been so kind to let us stay here again this year after we had been visiting and extending our stay last year. Its been a blessing on both sides. Their small children brighten our days and they are happy […]

Workshop with Julia Weaver

Went to a beautiful workshop with Julia Weaver and Barbara Karlsen last Sunday. “Devotion to the Ocean”: Awaken, Embody, & Illuminate Our Oceanic Self: Mandala Process and Continuum Movement. Join Julia Weaver MFT, BFA and Barbara Karlsen BN, MA for a unique and intimate opportunity to revitalize your human blueprint and to awaken this ancient […]

Showing my art in a group show

I look forward to meeting you… at the Culver City Art Group Holiday Art Exhibit 2014 Sat. November 22nd noon – 6 pm Artist’s Reception: 3:30pm – 4:59pm (meet the artist and enjoy refreshments) Awards: 5 pm Playa Vista CenterPointe Club,  6200 Playa Vista Drive, Playa Vista CA 90094 (get directions) Come stop by to […]

exhibiting with THE PEACE PROJECT

My painting “Burned Angel” has been selected for the traveling exhibit of THE PEACE PROJECT.  If you are in the bay area, near San Francisco please visit…  “Peace, Love & Understanding – The Event” is this Saturday, October 5, at ArtZone 461 Gallery RSVP for this free event online at and we’ll see you there! ArtZone 461 IS […]

Promise me….

“Promise me you will not spend so much time treading water and trying to keep your head above the waves, that you forget, truly forget . . . how much you have always loved to swim.” -Tyler Knott Gregson Birthing “Out of Light Darkness is born” acrylic on masonite panel 21.75 x 14.75 inches (55 […]


acrylic on paper on wood panel 35.25 x 25.25 inch (89,5 x 64cm) To own the original painting contact me. You can also rent all of my available paintings. Click on pictures below for details…       …for more information and painting process see previous post.

Birthing of painting… and a dream

It all started with a dream: Where I slowly fell into the depth of a pool, really deep, and looking up I could see the square opening of it, like a dark window. “It makes no sense” i keep telling myself, as usually the surface of the water would be light not dark, and I […]

A-part (Art’ in a box)

trying to grow roots, into red sand the seed broken into two parts, a yellow flag, four blue moons and two red moons long, too long…          mixed media in a black box size: 9 x 8 inches (20,3 x 23 cm) © Claudia Dose

learning encaustic painting…

Had a wonderful inspiring time at Kline Academy, in a workshop learning about encaustic painting by the fabulous Yvette Gellis. If you have never heard about encaustic, it is a mix of pigment, wax and resin that needs to be applied warm, that’s why there is all those tools… an iron, a heat gun, a […]

“There were two birds…”

“There were two birds in a forest, so close to each other. One, always used to sing and the other used to listen, only. One day, the one that only used to listen died. The next day, the singing bird died.” Zen story by Safai. Acrylic and collage on canvas 12 x 12 inches (31 x […]

morning hours

I have shifted my studio times into the early morning hours. It such a precious time. Even though I love the late nights for its quietness but it was also getting a bit exhausting. An added bonus for painting in the mornings is the natural light (well, not if its not too early :)). Still […]

Juried art show, second prize

This painting won 2nd prize in the juried art show in Westchester Town Hall this weekend. It was organized by the Pacific Art Guild. It was lucky I still had the painting here because it was supposed to be already with the owners, the parents of the handsome boy. “Nurturing” 15 x 15 x 1.5 inch […]

“Your voice may sound unfamiliar to you if you’ve never heard it before!”

Getting back into the studio after a long absence of only small projects and dabbling with felt. Been very busy with my non-profit work and had to put my full attention to it in order to complete a project there. And even though I was sooo drooling with anticipation of messing around with juicy colors […]

felting . . .

I’ve always wanted to learn to felt. And when I saw the beautiful creations my massage therapist had made I was all flames. She gave me felted flower telling me how easy it is . .  . So lately, when I haven’t been able to start and finish any big projects and irking for something […]

The body . . .

Reading Daniel Ladinsky’s translation of Rumi verses and really like this one, perhaps befitting the last painting . . .  “where you touched me everything grows . . .” In any case something to contemplate while we still have a body . . .  what is it that needs to be born from it? The […]

Getting the canvas wet…

…and experimenting with black.

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