Claudia Dose

We paint on the walls of our existence
the reflections of our being.

Claudia Dose paints vibrant, intuitive and spiritually infused paintings. Her biggest passion is to share her positive, uplifting and healing art with others and inspire them to access their inner world and their own hidden mystical story.

Claudia Dose was born and raised in Northern Germany.
Traveling solo for one year in Asia/India fueled her passion for color and rekindled her spiritual connection and bought in vibrant imagery and meaning to her paintings.
Living and working in Australia as a mosaic artist for 5 years, she deepened her study of the oral tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, which she had been introduced to while traveling to Kashmir and during many subsequent longer stays in Kashmir.
Her spiritual practice and ongoing study is infusing her art with a mystical quality that invites the viewer to look inside and discover their own spiritual connection in its many different forms.
Her early creative interests and talents brought her to study Art and Design at the Universities of applied science in Hamburg and Hannover, where she received a Diploma (equivalent of Bachelor degree) in Design. It was in those years, being taught in the Bauhaus style, that she developed a fascination with the works of Klee and the way he uses art to explore the principles of life and his inner world.
She has been living in the California since 2000, painting, and working (as an assistant priestess and tech wizard for a non profit organization).

In 2012 she won first prize for her portrait painting “Fragile” in a juried group show in Playa Vista, California.
In 2003 a few of her portraits won the 8th Annual Faces Juried Online International Art Exhibition.
Since 2009 she is regularly exhibiting in juried group shows in Los Angeles, California.
In 1998 she created a large scale mosaic mural for the architect of the Sydney aquarium, Australia.
Her paintings are in private collections all over the world. She has completed numerous commissions for private and commercial customers.